Anomalya supercar produced by SGF srl the Italian cars manufacturing industry, Anomalya supercar was designed with Porsche engine, Brembo brakes system and Bosh engine management ECU offers to distributors and dealers the best sales conditions to increase automotive B2B for United States supercar distributors, China deluxe sport cars dealers, Germany sports supercar manufacturer, England VIP automitive supercars, Australia cars manufacturing industry. Anomalya the made in Italy supercar for deluxe and luxury drivers.



SGF srl. produces Anomalya to the Luxury Sport Supercars Market, designed according to the made in Italy engineering for engine, suspension and aerodynamics features to get the maximum drive experience. Anomalya Supercar is a street legal vehicle created for drive lovers to feel the driving system as  Formula's Car. Made in Italy mechanical engineering design and customized finish for Global VIP drivers.

SGF Italy the Sly Garage Factory Italy, produces Anomalya supercar considering a high performance of aerodynamic specifications and safety standards for a safe drive

Anomalya is a road legal high performance luxury supercar manufacturerd in Lucca Tuscany Italy by Sly Garage Factory automotive manufacturing industry. SGF engineering department offer to the luxury car market, the Perfect Car, an Italian Sport Supercar for drive lovers, who wants to feel the driving system, a unique traditional Made in Italy mechanical engineering technology knowledge to produce "The Best World Supercar" using engine Porsche boxer 6 cylinder 3200 cc derived from the original Porsche 986 and formula' components working in synergy to develop the maximum drive experience



...Available very soon to the Global Luxury Sports Car Market

Anomalya Supercar manufacturing by SGF srl Capannori Italy, an engineering handmade built supercar as street legal sport car for global city to drive lovers, Anomalya was designed and manufactured in Italy by SGF srl to offer high performance and real drive feeling experience to customers in the United States of America, Germany, Shanghai and Beijing in China, Singapore, Russia, Italy, Austria, France and the global supercar market


For Info Call in Italy: +39.333.6371.644 (Whatsapp & Wechat)


Anomalya by SGF supercars manufacturing, Italian supercars manufacturing company to support the global B2B automotive industry, made in Italy supercar manufacturing suppliers as the best automobile mechanical engineering technology street legal, production of high efficience supercar automotive manufacturer for car distributors and luxury supercars dealers, Anomalya has better technical specifications and performance than Ferrari supercar, Anomalya supercars was produced, in Lucca Tuscany, according to the made in Italy automotive engineering tradition for United States distribution cars, China and Asia automotive vendors industries, Europe deluxe automobile suppliers, dealers and Global supercar lovers



The perfect car manufactured by SGF in Italy was created to offer the best of the automotive manufacturing industry using composite materials, engine Boxer 6 cylinders 3.2 CC 24 Valves Porsche, brakes Brembo, customized gearbox system, Bosh engine management, 0-100 in 4.4 seconds, Vmax 270 Kmh, weight 1080 Kg to give a unique sport drive experience for worldwide Supercar Lovers. Anomalya Sport Car.

Sly Soldano technical engineering manager of the SGF company the Italian supercar manufacturing industry created to design, develop and produce the Best Supercars to the global automotive market supporting sports car market in China, United States of America, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Argentina, Belgium, Germany and United Kingdom supercars distributors

SLY SOLDANO, SGF's chief engineer ready to customize your driving personal requirements

Street legal sport supercar for automobile dealers business, Anomalya is an Italian made deluxe sport supercar, produced by SGF automobile manufacturing company in Italy, who designs, develops and manufactures Supercars hand-built, to guarantee vip high performance street legal automobiles considering aerodynamics, high performance, aesthetics and ergonomics principles in one car to support B2B distribution market


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